Month: July 2014

Barbarians of the Red Planet

Link for paperback version of this book. On Lulu at the moment. Other outlets to follow. My story is “Ghost Man of Mars”, featuring the First World War and Mars (of course).

Two new stories released

My story, ‘The Wind from the Sea’ is in Sweet Dreams and Night Terrors. This is an anthology of dream stories.

Available here:

My story ‘Ghost Man of Mars’ is in Barbarians of the Red Planet. This is a sword and planet anthology. My story is very much a tribute to Edgar Rice Burroughs but influenced by First World War literature such as that of Pat Barker and Sebastian Faulks with, I hope, a slipstream flavour.

This is available here:


‘The Lake’ accepted for The Ripple Effect

My horror story ‘The Lake’, has been accepted for the Thirteen O’clock Press anthology The Ripple Effect.

This is a charity anthology by Thirteen O’clock Press for Horrified Press, an ebook only, with ALL proceeds going to Greenpeace.
For other current acceptance/up and coming stories check out the bibliography page.