A corpse in the morning after the senses

WP_20150307_002 WP_20150307_003 WP_20150307_004 WP_20150307_005 WP_20150307_006 WP_20150307_007 WP_20150307_008It isn’t often you receive copies of two great anthologies so close together. Last night was the launch of Sensorama from Eibonvale press edited by Allen Ashley. It was a great night and I’ll do a full report soon. The anthology looks great. It includes my story ‘Blinding a Few Dogs’ as well as stories by David Turnbull, David Mc Groarty, Terry Grimwood, Douglas Thompson, Rhys Hughes and the mysterious Kelda Crich. This morning, by post, I received my writer’s copy of Cadavre Exquis, An Exquisite Corpse Anthology, from Medusa’s Laugh Press, edited by Pattie Flint, Joanne Hiscocks and AEleen Frisch. It is based on the old surrealist exquisite corpse game with each story beginning and ending with the same line. This is a beautiful object, in a sarcophagus, mummy wrapped and printed on loose leaves. As well as my story, ‘The Umbrella Room’ it includes a wonderful story by one of my favourite writers Tantra Bensko. It’s great to be in such good company in both anthologies.


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