Month: June 2015

Clockhouse London Writers in the latest Sein und Werden.

Clockhouse London Writers

Clockhouse London Writers are in the latest issue of Sein und Werden. The theme for this issue is Mappa Mundi. There are two collective stories plus pieces by Adam Marks, Sarah Doyle, Gary Budgen and Allen Ashley.

Check it out here:

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‘The Book of Iris’ in Warlords of the Asteroid Press from Rogue Planet Press

My story ‘The Book of Iris’ is now out in Warlords of the Asteroid Belt from Rogue Planet Press, edited by Gavin Chapell. This continues the story of Tallis, the First World War soldier who came to Mars in ‘Ghost Man of Mars’ (Published in Barbarians of the Red Planet also from Rogue Planet Press (July 2014)).