Month: January 2016

‘The Service Station’ by Gary Budgen in Crossroads


My story, ‘The Service Station’ is in the new anthology Crossroads, from Thirteen O’clock Press, edited by Dorothy Davies. This anthology is currently available from Lulu on:

It should also be available on Amazon soon.

The full line up for the anthology is:


Same Day, Different Shit by Ken Goldman

Have A Care When You Bargain by DJ Tyrer

Crossroads Blues by Dorothy Davies

Death Decides by Matthew Wilson

Lingering Between by E S Wynn

Angel In Flight by Ash Hartwell

The Insect Puppets by Joe Meredith

Standing At the Crossroads by Rie Sheridan Rose

Dueler’s Alley by Thomas Malafarina

The Service Station by Gary Budgen

Death On The Road by Joe Farley

Thwarted by Olivia Arieti

The Left-hand Path by William Williams

The Hanging Place by Matthew Wilson

Time Beyond Reckoning by Ken L Jones

The Grandmothers by Pablo Valcarcel

Seeing by LL Hill

Head Trip by Ken Goldman

Wrong Turn, Right Day… by Rie Sheridan Rose

Blood Date by Matthew Wilson

Cold Decision by Rich Dodgin

Midnight Journey by Nicole Givens Kurtz

God’s Patience Abused by Ken Goldman

Snowblind by Mark Edward Holter

The Angel of Death Has No Wings by James Pratt

The Little Inn by James Arthur Anderson