Author: garybudgen

New stories out

I have three stories in two anthologies from Thirteen Press. Out towards the end of 2017.

“The Piano Room” and “The World Below the Window” (a reprint) in Missing/Empty Rooms double anthology, and “Icaria” in Nothing to Lose. 





My story, “The Wild Gloves”, is in Victim from Thirteen O’clock Press, edited by Dorothy Davies.


Chrysalis chapbook by Gary Budgen out today


Ten stories. Ten investigations into the transformations brought about by obsession, neglect and fanaticism. From an interspecies love affair on an alien world through the dead countries of a troubled imagination, the apocalypse as a product launch, and into the heart of the labyrinth. The chrysalis is about to open.

My chapbook Chrysalis is published today by Horrified Press.

It can be bought for 3.99 GBP from Lulu at the following address: