Month: March 2013

“Manifesto for the Exquisite Corpse” published

The latest issue of the excellent Sein und Werden edited by Rachel Kendell is out. It opens with my story “Manifesto for the Exquisite Corpse” for which I gained a wonderful prize, a copy of “The Cabinet of What You Don’t See” by Tantra Banks.

The story “Centuria and the Exquisite Corpse” by Clockhouse London Writers, to which I contributed, is also featured.

Check it out at:

Story “The Wind from the Sea” accepted.

My story, “The Wind from the Sea” has been accepted for the anthology Sweet Dreams and Night Terrors published by Static Movement and edited by Ron Koppelberger. This is an interesting anthology where all the stories will involve dreams of some sort. Details can be found at:

I had a story before in one of Static Movement’s books, After the End. It was a very well produced trade paperback with a beautiful cover. A real treasure.