Month: August 2016

News from Sandra Unerman

Sandra Unerman’s story, The Drinker of Tears, was the BFS story for June,  circulated with the members only bulletin. Her story, The Night Hound, is included in Detectives of the Fantastic, vol IV, published by Thirteen O’Clock Press.


Review of ‘Blinding a Few Dogs’

Nice review of my story ‘Blinding a Few Dogs’ from Sensorama, edited by Allen Ashley.

“This terrifically oft-kilter anthology of bizarre fiction is based on the five senses and our relationship to them. The opener is “Blinding A Few Dogs” by Gary Budgen, whose sense of choice is sight–specifically that of a man with macular degeneration that causes a tear shape to obstruct his vision. In its strangeness and unpredictability–it’s an eccentric love story in addition to a psychedelic mind-roaster–“Blinding a Few Dogs” adequately sets the tone for the remaining twenty stories.”