Month: September 2015

Creeping Crawlers is out.

Creeping Crawlers, from Shadow Publishing, is out. This anthology is edited by Allen Ashley and includes my story, ‘Scarab’. This is a story aboutĀ the relationship of anĀ entomologist and his daughter in a world on the brink of extinction.

First review is here: :

Full contents list is:

– Us! By Andrew Hook
– In the Earth by Storm Constantine
– Running with the Tide by Adrian Cole
– Survivors by Terry Grimwood
– A Taste for Canal Burgers by David Rix
– Mariposas del Noche by Pauline E. Dungate
– Wet Season by Dennis Etchison
– Scarab by Gary Budgen
– For the Love of Insects by Mark Howard Jones
– Woodworm by Marion Pitman
– Foreign Bodies by Edmund Glasby
– Dissolute Evolution by Alan Knott
– Little Helpers by John Grant
– The Tarantata by Richard Mosses
– You Dry Your Tears If They Don’t Work by Ralph Robert Moore
– Guano Dong Baby by Robin Lupton
– Spinnentier by David Birch
– The Sweet Meat and the Beet by David Turnbull
– Chemical Glide by Andrew Darlington