A busy week for news

The last week or so has been busy. I’ve had two stories come out:

The latest issue of the British Fantasy Society journal is out with my story ‘Souvenirs from Sanctuary Street’ in it.

My story ‘The Heart of the Labyrinth’ appears in Issue 2 of Body Parts online/print on demand magazine. It can be found here: http://www.bodypartsmagazine.com/

I’ve also had some acceptances: My story ‘From One Patch of Glowing Light to Another’ will appear in After the Fall, edited by Alex Davis. This is by Boo Books and will have a lead story by Adam Roberts in it. Details here: http://boobooks.net/upcoming-titles/.

My story ‘The Institute’ will appear in The Siren anthology edited by Lucy Carroll. This will be the first print anthology for the Siren fiction site: http://www.thesiren.co.uk/

My story ‘White Goods’ will appear in Wordland 4. Available in print, kindle and online. This should be out in about a months time. Details to follow.



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